Upper Body Movement

16 Oct

Arms & Shoulders:

Shoulder Roll

Bring right shoulder forward, up, back and down then alternate bringing left shoulder forward, up, back and down.

Snake Arms (side)

Arms are out to the side. The same principle as the shoulder roll but then bring the elbow up and down, followed by the hand – as though you’re painting the wall. This move should be delicate and smooth and never bring both up at the same time, they must be alternating. Act as though you are brushing the back of your hand up the wall and as you come down stroke the wall with the palm of your hand. As one comes down, the other should be doing the opposite.

Snake Arms (front)

Arms should be out in front of you. Roll the shoulder forward, up, back and down as you do move the elbow up and then down, followed by the wrist. Then do the same on the other side. Never do both as the same time, they must be alternating.  So, as one elbow comes down, the other should be raising up etc. Create the snake movement all the way to the finger tips.

Standing Shoulder Shimmy

Arms should be out to the side, elbows relaxed, palms facing down, wrists dropped and hands curved right to the finger tip (as though you have a small thimble between your thumb and middle finger). Punch the right shoulder forward and back rapidly, as you do this the left shoulder will be doing the opposite. So as you punch forward with the right, the left is towards the back.

Forward & Back Shoulder Shimmy

As you do the shoulder shimmy, stand with the right foot in front of the left, resting on the ball of the foot and lean forward, shimmy and lean back, shimmy. You can also do this facing to the right and then to left and incorporate a cross-over step. So when you’re facing left, your left foot is in front of the right resting on the ball of the foot.

Right, Centre, Left Shoulder Shimmy

Lift and twist your upper body to the right, shimmy, come back to the centre, shimmy and twist over to the left and shimmy. You can add a curved ‘U’ motion to this, so as you move into each position you’re following the shape of a ‘U’.

Rib Cage & Chest:

Horizontal Rib Cage Circle

Move to the chest to the right, then front, then left and back. In a smooth circular motion, the upper part of your back will also move in motion. These can be big or small circles. Imagine there’s a small hula-hoop stationary around your waist and you are following it.

Vertical Rib Cage Circle

Lift the chest and pull it forward as though someone is pulling the centre of your chest with a piece of string. Twist over to the right, lift up and over to the centre, then over and down to the left and end back in the centre. Imagine there’s a circle directly in front of your chest and you are following it.

Chest lift

As the description sounds you lift your chest and drop it back down, these can be singular or repetitive. Remember only to use the muscle under the rib cage and not the lift shoulders or arch your back.

Chest Taqs

This involves lifting and dropping the chest at a fast pace to reflect the rhythm of a drum.

Forward Figure 8

This is the same principle as the hip figure eight, only you are using your chest and shoulders. Move the right side of your chest and shoulder forwards, then round and back. Slide over to the left, and now your left shoulder should be forward, move it out and round to the back.

Backward Figure 8

You reverse the forward figure eight and move the right side of your chest and shoulders to the back, round and then forward. Slide over to the left, back, round and then forward.

Horizonal figure 8

Imagine you have the figure of eight on its side in front of your chest. Move the right side of you chest and shoulder up from the centre, now move it out to the side, round, down to the stomach and into the centre. Then sway over to the left side, move that round, out and down. Imagine a pencil in the middle of your chest and now try to write the fallen down figure of 8 with this pencil.

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